Regenerating Herring Cove

Beach Facility | Provincetown, MA |

ARCH 4010 | Prof. Ed Ford |

Regenerating Herring Cove created a beach facility that was flexible for the conditions of the deteriorating beach.  The design started from the detail and the creation of a column form that could be prefabricated and shipped to the site.  The curved form was inspired by squeezing a sphere circumscribed in a cube and thus allowing the curve to distribute the load.  The channel in the column member allowed for ply sheathing to be inserted on site.  The changing room structure sat on piles to allow for dis-assembly as the sea levels rose and a site further back on the beach was required.  The regular grid of the columns broke at one specific moment: the communal meeting space of the snack bar.


MAX/min House

Multi-Family Housing | Theoretical Site

ARCH 4020 | Prof. Charlie Menefee |

The MAX/min House was an examination of increasing the efficiency of suburban housing.  The first move was to create an infrastructural system that made utilities a synthesized focal point and also created an organizational grid for the units to aggregate within.  The combined utility lines ran down a central pedestrian corridor while becoming inhabitable and then flowed into each cluster and unit.  The actual living units made living space more efficient by changing the ceiling height according to the activity that was taking place.  The space saved by basing the units off of a modular body scale created a section that alternated units of various layouts to meet differing client needs.  A curving roof stood as a separate system from the living units and collected water for the productive garden.

Exploded Core

Exploded Core | Theoretical Site |

ARCH 3020 | Inst. Jose Atienza |

Exploded Core was a two week examination of the movements through a school building and the vertical procession associated with it.  Once the movements were studied, a re-imagined stair was designed that made the stair the destination rather than just a means of egress.  The stair started out as a simple fire stair and then broke the mundane as the visitor ascended and found programmatic spaces distinguished through variations in floor height.

Amplified Spread

Amplified Spread | Charlottesville, VA |

ARCH 3020 | Inst. Alexander Kitchin |

This three week project was a site study of a community garden.  A generation in Grasshopper sought to create topographical changes that would replace the need for separate, fenced-in plots.  The formwork was then routed in rigid insulation and cast in concrete.  Once the object was released from the foam, interventions were attached with plaster to study how the hills would be penetrated and sat upon.


Performing Arts Center | Philadelphia, PA |

ARCH 3010 | Inst. Jose Atienza |

PerFORUM combined performing spaces, pedestrian circulation, and classrooms for learning the arts.  The chosen site was at a busy pedestrian thoroughfare and the design aimed to capitalize on the movement by connecting directly with the subway station.  A five story glazed atrium promoted circulation through the building and split the performing spaces and practice rooms from the classroom and utility programs.  The main performance space jutted out of the street corner to connect to the city.  Studies went into the design of the south facing skin and also into bouncing light into the bottom floors of the atrium.

Hand Sketches

ARCH 5750 | Prof. Maurice Cox